Hosting a Conference

Hosting a Conference

  • Would you want to receive a deposit of anointing for worship dance in your church?
  • Do you want some new and fresh ideas to propel your dance ministry to new heights?
  • Do you want an impartation for ministry through your dance?
  • Would you like to foster unity, drawing others from your community together?
  • Have you always wanted to host a praise dance conference but it was too far away?
  • Would you want to save on conference registration, airfare, hotels and meals?

Then hosting a Beautiful are the Feet Productions Conference at your own church or other location may be the answer!

Please read through the information below and then CONTACT US about reserving a date. Dates are filling up quickly for next year. Let’s get started!

If securing a church, Please make sure your Pastor or church administrator either reads or understands and agrees to the following steps, before we secure a conference date. Also, whomever will be the conference coordinator must read and understand the entire host page and all the steps.


  1. The location should hold 20-50 “moving” people?
  2. The location should have movable chairs?
  3. The location should area have an excellent sound system already in place (able to play any music player (IPod, IPad, Android) from the platform). Sound quality is utmost!
  4. The sound system should also work with a wireless or lapel microphone.
  5. Ideally the location should have a platform.
  6. The location should be less than 60 minutes from a major airport.
  7.  Hotels should be less than 15 minutes away from the location.
  8. Restaurants ideally are less than 10 minutes away from the location.
  9. There should be plenty of parking.
  10. The hosting ministry should have dance team or a small group of volunteers that would be willing to help before, during and after the event (set up; clean up; transportation, etc.).
  11. Your church/team should be confident that you can spread the word and encourage at least 20 people to be full paid participants in the event (from your church and local area churches, on your social networks and email lists).


Will be done through the Beautiful are the Feet website.

Any and all church and dance team members who would like to attend must each pay the appropriate registration fee within the appropriate, scheduled time frame. The host coordinator and one assistant, with whom Chandra Cherry will be in constant communication, may attend for free. The assistant should be able to help out at the registration table early afternoon on Friday and Saturday mornings. Anyone outside the church membership who would like to attend would pay the conference fee as well.

If your group registers and wants to qualify for the group rate, it must be at least 5 fully paid, participating adults – excluding you and the assistant (as you two would be free).  If you would like to add other people after a certain cut off date, that additional person/people would pay the group rate appropriate for the particular time frame.

*The host and the assistant must still register (preferably as soon as it is posted) so we will have their waiver forms and ask to receive a coupon code to get a discount of whatever the earliest cut off rate is for that particular conference. So, if the host and the assistant register before the earliest savings cut off date, it will be free. If they register after the early savings cut off, they will receive a coupon code that will subtract the earliest savings cut off amount from the current rate.