Dance Ministry Launch

Dance Ministry Launch

Jump Start your dance ministry with learning the basics of organizing your dance ministry!

You will learn how to choreograph dances that will minister the Father’s heart effectively using several techniques designed for your ministry.

You will also have a choreographed dance that you can use as your first dance!

Curriculum details:

o Artistic Worship – For this session, music will be playing in the beginning and you will be assigned a part in the worship session. There are different parts and they all will have a chance to do each part. The worship ends in a prayer circle.

o Ballet – Teaches you how to control your body and execute movement with precision. Perfects our praise and worship through dance.

o Stretching – teaches dancing without limitations, thus learning how to take limitations off of God. You can do and expect the impossible!

o Jazz – Different turns, kicks, and leaps that add power and glory to movement.

o Contemporary – Teaches expression and freedom of movement, closely

related to worship.

o Conditioning – Prepare your body for dance by diet and exercise. Think about the things you let inside of your body and how you take care of the outside of your body. Your body is a temple to the Lord and should be taken care of!

  • Conditioning – cardio, abs, toning
  • Diet – portion size, nutrients, calories, types of foods, water intake

o Choreography – Put everything together to create a dance.

o Open Worship – Your opportunity to just dance. Praise and worship God through dance!

It would normally cost $85 per person to attend a workshop of this caliber, however, we are willing to accept any size donation that is within your budget. We just want to be a blessing and know that God will make provisions.

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