Setting the Atmosphere Tour

Introducing Setting the Atmosphere with Performing Arts Tour!

Beautiful are the Feet Productions is dedicated to teaching performance arts ministries how to reign down the presence of God through the use of dance, mime, and drama!  To demonstrate our dedication we are going on a tour to a city near you!

Experience new levels of worship, praise and prophetic dance ministry, as we explore the depth and breadth of God’s presence. Take the time to not only learn many biblical principles, prophetic insight and dance techniques, but also, be refreshed, renewed, and prepared for life’s challenging moments. Come by yourself or bring your whole team.

Read details below and join us at a city and state location near you! Check out our current TOUR DATES and pray about where God wants you to attend!

Learn how you can get Beautiful are the Feet Productions to host a conference in your city HERE.


Conferences start on Friday evening and conclude with a public dance concert on Sunday evening. Topics and times subject to change per Holy Spirit’s leading and logistical interaction. Please refer to each event’s information page for specific details.

Friday 5:00PM – 8:30PM

On the first day of the conference, the topics are ministry related. We cover subjects that would primarily relate to Praise & Worship dancing as well as personal ministry. Topics include:

  • Artistic Worship
  • Weapons of Warfare/Movements of Breakthrough
  • Expressive Worship and Sign
  • Expressive Sign with Flags and Activations
  • Billow Cloth Beauty
  • Active Word Studies
  • Creative Worship Ideas
  • Prophetic Dance

Friday 8:30PM – 9:00PM

Artistic Ministry – This ministry time depends on what is on God’s heart for that conference location. During or after this time of Artistic Worship, there is an environment that fosters powerful creativity and healing, primarily including prophetic dance ministry. There is opportunity to practice the topics that will have been learned during the day. Most significantly, however, powerful ministry takes place, utilizing the various arts.


The day usually concludes with a wonderful dance concert that is presented by the visiting conference participants.

  • Artistic Worship
  • Unity In Motion/The Corporate Move
  • Modern Dance Technique Class
  • Stretch and Adoration
  • Team Concepts
  • Presentation/Choreography Do’s & Don’ts
  • Choreography Technique
  • Worship Expressions
  • Dance Composition
  • Learn a Segment or all of a Reproducible Dance
  • Purposeful Pageantry (Flags/Props)
  • Final Breakthrough Activity

Sunday 6:00PM – 8:00PM (Depending on the number of Dances)

The conference concludes with a wonderful dance concert that is presented by the visiting conference participants.

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